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Kelly has a number of presentations available for schools:                                           

Kelly offers this popular 60 min presentation that explores some of the big furphies of the fashion and advertising industries and looks at strategies for feeling good in your body, in a world bombarded by images of computer adjusted women.
Using her unique brand of comedy, song and dance, she challenges her audience to re-think the popular notion of “beauty”.
We don’t all come in the same package, there are many different shapes and sizes that are healthy and it’s time to start celebrating and embracing diversity.  Kelly begins the presentation as “Evelyn Summers” and finishes it as herself.

Kelly has a mission to help young women achieve positive regard for their bodies. She combines her incredible gift of acting, satirical observation and song to keep our girls in stitches throughout her hilarious hour long presentation.
– Monica Hill, Director of Student Wellbeing, St. Margaret’s School

Our Pastoral last week is one I will remember for a long time.  Kelly Nash (aka Evelyn Summers) was absolutely brilliant.  It was amazing to see somebody so unbelievably comfortable with themselves and their body and the point she was putting across is one that will stay with me for years to come.  Just an hour of watching her (interjected with moments of side-splitting laughter) has begun to change my attitude towards the way I see myself and those around me. 

It’s true she was not the smallest of women but by the end of her presentation I did not even notice what she was wearing or what she looked like.  The confidence and happiness that seemed to radiate from every part of her body was mesmerising.  She has really awoken the confidence in me to start to appreciate fully the beauty in diversity.So, I just wanted to say thankyou to whoever organised her visit.

-Year 10 Student Avila College

To book  EVERY BODY HAPPY go to the contact page on this site

The cost for this presentation is $600.

SECOND BEST FRIEND (with Cathrine McCallig)
A presentation about female relational aggression – or “Frenemies”, SECOND BEST FRIEND explores the ways in which females tend to bully in a very subtle and hard to identify        way. The presentation uses comedic sketches, song and humorous but honest disclosure by the performers to identify the methods used in relational aggression and strategies for dealing with it.
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The cost for this presentation is $7 per head (with a minimum of 100 students)